API Documentation

Pipelines (ephypype.pipelines):

create_pipeline_preproc_meeg(main_path[, …]) Preprocessing pipeline.
create_pipeline_power(main_path, freq_bands) Power pipeline.
create_pipeline_source_reconstruction(…[, …]) Source reconstruction pipeline.
create_pipeline_time_series_to_spectral_connectivity(…) Connectivity pipeline.

Nodes (ephypype.nodes):

CLI commands (ephypype.commands.neuropycon):

connectivity Compute spectral connectivity
ds2fif Convert CTF .ds raw data to .fif format
epoch Epoch raw .fif resting state data
fif_ep_2_ts Convert .fif epochs to npy timeseries
ica Compute ica solution for raw fif file
multiscale Compute multiscale entropy node
preproc Filter and downsample data.
process_pipeline(nodes, ncpu, plugin, …) Create main workflow
psd Compute power spectral density.

Utils (ephypype.nodes.utils):

create_iterator(fields, field_values) Create node to iterate on fields.
create_datagrabber(data_path, template_path, …) Create node to grab data using DataGrabber in Nipype.